A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Magnus and Sven have pulled off the greatest hustle of all time - but have they bitten off more than they can chew this time? Control the head or arse of a pantomime cow to escape from a cow-loving nightmare hotel. Become the Best In Show.

Best in show was created in ~40 hours for #Jamchester 2016 - the UKs largest professional gamejam- using the theme "You Already Won". It was the winner of the Design and Creativity award, as judged by representatives from Creative Assembly, Sony, Epic and more!

"A unique idea" - jackscepticeye

"I never knew that being a cow would be so hard." - GamingWithKev

"I'm not smart enough for this ****, man" - FX Gamer Official

"Actually really fun!" - Simon Collins

"This is the funniest, wackiest adventure yet." - JinBop

"I've no idea what this game is, but I'm slightly in love with it." - efwaGames

"I'm at a loss for words." - DoodrunDoesThings

"This is actually the greatest game I have ever played." - ThreeInches

"This is a metaphor for life, the universe and how stupid cows are." - lord.fennec

Best In Show is currently a rough prototype - if you would like to see more of this game, be sure to get in touch with us and give us your feedback!

Install instructions

Best in show can be played as a single player game, but is best played in co-op, with both players sharing a controller!


Best In Show - Windows 63 MB
Best In Show - Mac OS X 32 MB


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This game was absolutely amazing! I rly loved the "Moo-Moo's" but even tho i didn't reach the exit because of all the lobby boys, the game was quite enjoyable! Good job.

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Definitely not my favourite game in the whole world...


It was a surprisingly funny experience!

Fijo nadie se da cuenta que No es un disfraz

Quite silly.

I was in the exact MOO-d for a game like this. Udderly brilliant. So glad I HERD about it. I'll stop now.

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WTF is this game. wired but oddly arousing

LOVED THIS GAME!! plz make more..


Very fun